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American Kyudo Renmei

The American Kyudo Renmei is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Japanese Archery, Kyudo, in the Americas. We have nine state renmei organizations and several affiliate groups in the US, Central America and South America.

Date of Establishment July, 1998
President Name Maria Peterson
IKYF Directors Yoshiko Buchanan, Maria Peterson
Secretary Name Jeremy Cail
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Kyoshi】7 Dan : 1     【Renshi】6 Dan : 6     
【Renshi】5 Dan : 8
5 Dan : 23     4 Dan : 24     3 Dan : 33     2 Dan : 53     Sho Dan : 41
Ungraded : 66
Total : 255
Office Address PO Box 68
La Honda, CA 94020
E-mail akrpres@googlegroups.com
Web Site http://www.kyudousa.com/
Main Practice Place(s) Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Northern California, Southern California, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington
Activities to promote Kyudo 1.Annually hosts the IKYF American seminar and shinsa.
2.Mentor groups in Central and South America.
3.Recently admitted the Washington Kyudo Federation as the newest state renmei

Number of Members(As of June 2018)

  Ungraded Sho Dan 2 Dan 3 Dan 4 Dan 5 Dan Renshi
5 Dan
6 Dan
7 Dan
Georgia Kyudo Renmei 1 1 5 1 2 1 0 1 0 12
Indiana Kyudo Renmei 6 1 5 2 3 2 0 0 0 19
Minnesota Kyudo Renmei 20 6 4 1 0 1 1 0 0 33
Northern California
Kyudo Federation
13 11 8 10 9 8 1 4 0 64
North Carolina
Kyudo Renmei
2 3 2 0 1 2 0 1 0 11
Southern California
Kyudo Renmei
2 4 12 8 2 3 4 0 0 35
South Carolina
Kyudo Renmei
3 0 4 3 0 2 2 0 1 15
Virginia Kyudo Renmei 17 14 10 7 3 3 0 0 0 54
Washington Kyudo Federation 2 1 3 1 4 1 0 0 0 12
Total Persons in U.S.A. 66 41 53 33 24 23 8 6 1 255

Georgia Kyudo Renmei

  1. 【1】Japan Fest, Atlanta, Georgia
  2. 【2】School demonstrations
  3. 【3】Community demonstrations

AKR Representative Name Joseph Reid
President Name Joseph Reid
Secretary Name Chris Negron
Treasurer Name Brett Richardson
Chief Instructor Tomio Kato
Office Address 2527 Foster Ridge Ct NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
Tel USA 404-583-8036
E-mail contact@gakr.org
Web Site http://www.gakr.org/
Main Practice Place(s) Norcross, Georgia:Fuji Kyudo Kai

Indiana Kyudo Renmei

Kyudo is a sport where one can enjoy competing to hit given targets and enjoy the competition and beauty of proper shooting and hitting while learning Virtuous Conducts such as humanity, Civility, Wisdom and trust as social beings and humans one can enrich one’s life through Kyudo training and can continue to practice Kyudo without any concern about one’s age.

Date of Establishment September, 1992
AKR Representative Ken Tanahara
President Name Young Park
Vice-President Name Ken Tanahara
Secretary Name Matt Lambert
Treasurer Name Eriko Leland
Office Address 197 E. U.S.HWY 136 Lizton, IN 46149 USA
Tel / Fax Tel: USA 317-994-5180 / Fax:USA 317-994-5141
E-mail younghpark@ameritech.net
Web Site -
Main Practice Place(s) City Name Kyudojo/Sports Hall
Lizton, Indiana: Wadokan -Dojo

Minnesota Kyudo Renmei

  1. 【1】Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival demonstration, 2006 present
  2. 【2】Numerous kyudo demonstrations at local colleges and schools
  3. 【3】Guest Lectured and taught introductory kyudo in college classes about Japanese Culture

Date of Establishment 20 September, 2002
AKR Representative Name John Born
President Name Cary Born
Vice-President Name John Born
Secretary Name Elizabeth Fehrmann
Treasurer Name Zach Klopfliesch
Office Address 26340 Canada Ave, Northfield, MN 55057 USA
Tel USA 651-460-4796
E-mail info@mnkyudo.org
Web Site http://www.mnkyudo.org/
Main Practice Place(s) Northfield High School, St. Louis Park Middle School

Northern California Kyudo Federation

  1. The NCKF has four member dojos in California: Shiseikan, Renseikan, Seishinkan, and Redwood Kyudojo. We have one affiliate dojo in Arizona, the Arizona Kyudo Kai.
Date of Establishment 2 June, 1984
AKR Representative Name Stephen Scott
President Name Maria Peterson
Secretary Name Amy Wong
Office Address PO Box68, La Honda, CA 94020, USA
E-mail maria.peterson123@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.kyudousa.com/akr-members/northern_california
Main Practice Place(s) Redwood Kyudojo, La Honda, CA
Japanese Arts and Cultural Center, San Jose, CA
Shiseikan Dojo, San Jose, CA
Onetta Harris Community Center, Menlo Park, CA
Seishinkan Dojo, Oakland, CA
Arizona Kyudo Kai, Vail, AZ
Activities to promote Kyudo Demonstrations:
Stanford University, Santa Cruz Japanese Cultural Faire, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, San Mateo Nippon Gakuyen

Annual events: NCKF Shinnen Shakai, Shiseikan Harvest Tournament, Shiseikan 4th of July Tournament, monthly Getsureikai at Redwood Kyudojo.

NCKF hosted the 2017 IKYF Seminar and Shinsa at Sonoma State University, July 2017
Seminar by Sunaguchi Sensei at the Redwood Kyudojo, August 2017.
Seminar by Ogasawara Sensei at the Redwood Kyudojo August 2018.
Shiseikan bi-monthly Benkyokai and Beginners “Experience” classes.

North Carolina Kyudo Renmei

  1. 【1】Classes 2 times a week, instructor seminars 2 times a year
  2. 【2】Dan and Jackie DeProspero lived and studied kyudo in Japan for 14 years at the Toshima-ku kyudojo with Onuma Hideharu hanshi and Osawa Kuwa hanshi
  3. 【3】Dan and Jackie DeProspero are co-authors of the books Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery and Illuminated Spirit: Conversations with a Kyudo Master
  4. 【4】Dan DeProspero, President: American Kyudo Renmei 10+ years(retired)
  5. 【5】Dan DeProspero, Founding Board Member, American Kyudo Renmei (AKR)
    Dan DeProspero, Founding Board Member, International Kyudo Renmei(IKYF) (retired)

Date of Establishment 11 January, 1995
AKR Representative Name Dan DeProspero
President Name Dan DeProspero
Vice-President Name Jackie DeProspero
Secretary Name Michael DeProspero
Office Address 501 Sleepy Valley Rd, Apex NC 27523 USA
Tel USA 919-303-5726
E-mail meishin@kyudo.com
Web Site http://www.kyudo.com/kyudo.html
Main Practice Place(s) Apex, North Carolina:Meishin Kyudojo

Southern California Kyudo Renmei

The Southern California Kyudo Renmei continues the long tradition of teaching kyudo in Southern California since the formation in 1908 of the Los Angeles Kyudo Kai. We have three dojos that are teaching Federation style kyudo following ANKF guidelines.

Date of Establishment 1 August, 2009
AKR Representative Name Jannette Curran
President Name Doug Sakurai
Vice-President Name George Nakashima
Secretary Name Wei-Tarn Wilton Yeh
Office Address 801 N. Tustin Ave #301, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Tel/Fax US 714-469-4300
E-mail drstogie@gmail.com
Web Site http://site.southerncaliforniakyudorenmei.com/home.html
Main Practice Place(s) City Name Kyudojo/Sports Hall
Gardena: Oh Shin Kan
San Diego: North County Aikikai
Milwaukee WI: Aikido of Greater Milwaukee

South Carolina Kyudo Renmei

  1. 【1】The South Carolin Kyudo Renmei has hosted five of the All Nippon Kyudo Federation seminars that have been held in America.
  2. 【2】We have sent instructors to teach in Mexico and Canada.
  3. 【3】Demonstrations at Japanfest, the largest Japanese exposition in the southeast and at Bon Odori.

Date of Establishment 1 February, 1994
AKR Representative Name Aaron Blackwell
President Name Aaron Blackwell
Office Address 1115 Neely Ferry Rd, Simpsonville, SC 29680-6347 USA
Tel USA 864-967-2059
E-mail sckyudo@aol.com
Web Site -
Main Practice Place(s) City Name Kyudojo/Sports Hall
Sipmsonville SC… …………… Seishin Dojo
Atlanta GA… ……………………Bitoku Dojo
Pensecola FL… ………………… Ichiya Dojo
Long Beach CA… …………Long Beach Dojo

Virginia Kyudo Renmei

Each April, annual demonstration at the Sakura Matsuri of Washington DC. Each June, annual regional seminar for New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina students, led by Dan DeProspero, Renshi, 6th dan.

Date of Establishment 10 September, 2001
(Renmei status Aug 1, 2009)
AKR Representative Name Fumiko Takada
President Name William Reid
1st Vice-President Name Fumiko Takada
2nd Vice-President Name Martin Meichsner
Office Address 14374 Hillcrest Dr, King George VA 22484 USA
E-mail wjreid@yahoo.com
Tel USA 540-663-4226
Web Site http://www.VirginiaKyudo.com
Main Practice Place(s) City Name Kyudojo/Sports Hall
King George, VA US… …… Chomei Kyudojo
Alexandria, VA USA…… Capital Area Budokai
Jersey City, NJ USA……………… New York / New Jersey Kyudo Kai

Washington Kyudo Federation

Washington Kyudo Federation is the governing body for Washington state with a single member, the Washington Kyudo Club with members throughout the Seattle metropolitan area.

Date of Establishment 2018
AKR Representative Name Dean Osamu Hoshizaki
President Name Yoshihiro Yamagami
Secretary Name Alfredo Sancho Menendez
Office Address 15806 NE 46th Ct. Redmond, WA 98052
Tel/Fax English - Dean 2065474883
日本語 - Yoshi 206.498.0908
E-mail info@kyudo-wa.org
Web Site http://www.kyudo-wa.org
Main Practice Place(s) 1.Seattle, WA, Nisei Veterans Center
2.Seattle, WA, International District Chinatown Community Center
Activities to promote Kyudo Demonstrations and presentations at
1)Bellevue Aki matsuri
2)Seattle Cherry Blossom Japanese Cultural Festival
Nisei Veterans Center Event

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