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German Kyudo Federation

Since more than 40 years, people practice Kyudo in Germany. Today, there are approximately 1400 Kyudoka (30% are women), organized in the German Kyudo Federation (DKyuB). The DKyuB is member of the European Kyudo Federation (EKF) and International Kyudo Federation (IKYF). 80% of the German Kyudoka practice according the rules of the Heki-Ryu-Insai-Ha, 20% practice shomen. Kyudoka of all ages are training in more than 50 clubs whereas 11 clubs hold traditional Kyudojos. The DKyuB arranges every year competitions in Kinteki and Enteki as well as educational programs for trainees and trainers. From the beginning, the German Kyudoka have been supported by teachers from Japan. Since 1968, Prof. Inagaki Genshiro, 9. Dan Hanshi visited Germany almost every year to teach Kyudo. After he passed away, this tradition is maintained by his disciples. Since the foundation of the EKF in 1980, high graded teachers of the ANKF and IKYF also visit Germany and Europe.
The members of the German Kyudo Federation express their cordial gratitude to all Japanese teachers for their continuous support. Furthermore, we look forward for a mutual collaboration.

Date of Establishment 1974 : A section of German Judo Federation(DJB)
1994 : German Kyudo Federation (DKyuB)
President Name Stefan Brendel
Manfred Riemer
Darlene Maringer
Nadine Emmer
Oliver Wurl
Secretary Name Karin Reich MA
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Kyoshi】6 Dan : 2     【Renshi】6 Dan : 2     【Renshi】5 Dan : 2
5 Dan : 18     4 Dan : 50     3 Dan : 86     2 Dan : 151     Sho Dan : 136
Ungraded : 804
Total : 1251
Office Address DKyuB - Karin Reich (Secretary), Stübeheide 20, 22337 Hamburg, Germany
Tel/Fax Tel:+49 40 82293657
E-mail geschaeftsstelle@kyudo.de
Web Site http://www.kyudo.de/
Main Practice Place(s) Berlin : Sports Halls
Hamburg : Kyudojo
Frankfurt : Sports Halls
Stuttgart : Kyudojo
Karlsruhe : Kyudojo
Rottweil : Kyudojo
Hannover : Sports Halls
Bad Duerkheim : Kyudojo
Muenchen : Sports Halls
Koeln : Sports Halls
Activites to promote kyudo 【Homepage】www.kyudo.de
Federation Journal :"Zanshin", once or twice a year Homepages of the Clubs Annual All-German Championships: Kinteki and Enteki Regional Championships and Taikai Enbu on Culture Festivals, also in Cooperation with the Japanese Consulates,Speeches on Kyudo with Kyudo demonstrations in Museums or Culture Centers (e.g. Opening of Art exibhitions, exhibitions on Budo)

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