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Zen Belgium Kyudo Renmei(ZBKR)

The Zen Belgian Kyudo Renmei has as main point the founding dojo: the SHUGETSUKAN Kyudojo.
All the dojos propose a weekly practice on a regular basis; their members also have the opportunity to practice at the central dojo each Sunday. The kyudo members of Nord of France and Luxembourg also join this Sunday practice in Brussels. Furthermore all the kyudo practitioneers from Japan and other nations staying for a while in our country are welcome to practice at the central dojo in Brussels.

【Promoting Kyudo】
- participation in cultural Japanese activities
- participation to EKF seminars taikai
- participation to EKF events
- participation to ANKF events (Tokyo, Kyoto)
- participation in diverse demonstations
- participation in sport shows
- press, radio, Tv, Internet publications

【Organization of seminars】
- for instructors and people in charge of dojos
- for beginners
- for specific levels
- national seminar at central dojo in June
- seminars in Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), in Lille (France) and Athens (Greece)
- international seminars in collaboration with the ANKF, IKYF,EKF, Japanese ministry for education.

Date of Establishment 1983-09-01
President Name Luc Albert
Secretary Name Marie-Noelle De Cock
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Renshi】6 Dan : 1     【Renshi】5 Dan : 0
5 Dan : 4     4Dan : 11     3 Dan : 9     2 Dan : 16     Sho Dan : 9
Ungraded : 41
Total : 91
Office Address Rue du relais sacre, 22/7 1081 Bruxelles
Tel/Fax 32(0)2/411.88.76 or +32(0) Fax : 32(0)2/411.88.76
E-mail zbkr@kyudo.be
Web Site http://www.kyudo.be/
Main Practice Place(s) Brussel : Shugetsukan kyudojo : Sports Hall
Liege : Teitokan kyudojo : Sports Hall
Wavre : Seiryukan kyudojo : Sports Hall
Antwerpen : Kita Kaze kyudojo : Sportshall
Activites to promote kyudo
(to make appealing)
Special seminars for beginners
Participations at differents events
Media reports (radios, TV, Press)

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