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Finnish Kyudo Federation

The Finnish Kyudo Federation is the parent organization for Finnish Kyudo clubs and is acting as the national member federation in the European Kyudo Federation and the International Kyudo Federation.
The Finnish Kyudo Federation was established in 1984 and has currently three active member Clubs with training by a total of about 60 active kyujin practising both shomen and shamen styles, with the highest graded members having Godan.
During each year the Federation typically organizes four weekend Gasshukus and one 4-day Gasshuku and a National Taikai each with typically 15-20 participants. The Federation has had an active (though understandably small) participation in the International Seminars and has once hosted the annual EKF Seminar and the EKF Taikai.

President Name Veikko Karppinen
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
5 Dan : 5    4 Dan : 6     3 Dan : 2     2 Dan : 11    Sho Dan : 8
Ungraded : 25
Total : 57
Office Address Vellikellonpolku 2 C 22 FI-00410 Helsinki Finland
Tel/Fax Tel:+358 40 541 1513
E-mail veikko.karppinen@iki.fi
Web Site -

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