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Icelandic Kyudo Association

The groups belonging to the Italian Kyudo Associations held regular lessons at their locations (dojo and sports halls); they also organizes public demostrations to promote the knowledge of Kyudo. A National meeting is also held every year gathering kyudosei from all the Country. The Association hosts a website to provide information to the public about the ongoing activities and to foster and promote the culture of Kyudo.

Date of Establishment 1981
President Name Pasquale Faccia
Secretary Name Gabriella Caporaso
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Renshi】6 Dan : 5     【Renshi】5 Dan : 3
5 Dan : 3     4 Dan : 8     3 Dan : 19     2 Dan : 23     Sho Dan : 19
Ungraded : 128
Total : 208
Office Address Via della Azzorre 340-D/5
00121 Roma - Italy
E-mail associazioneitalianakyudo@gmail.com
Web Site http://www.associazioneitalianakyudo.it/
Main Practice Place(s) Rome : 2 Kyudojo / 4 Sports Hall
Milan : Kyudojo / Sports Hall
Turin : Kyudojo / Sports Hall
Varese : Kyudojo
Padova : Kyudojo
Trieste: Sports Hall
Bari : Kyudojo
Palermo : Sports Hall
Activities to promote Kyudo Demonstrations
Introduction seminars
Open hours for viewers

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