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Taiwan Kyudo Association(TKA)

Taiwan Kyudo Association (TKA) is the only Kyudo organization authorized by the government and has been dedicating to the promotion and education of Kyudo for 9 years. Ever since TKA joined International Kyudo Federation in 2014, it has been following the regulation of IKYF.

In the initial phase, TKA ran courses in Nangang sports center. In 2016, TKA members built Cangyue Kyudojo, the only dojo in Taiwan having 28 meters shooting lane and formal Azuchi in the post-war era.

Kyudo has been developing fast in Taiwan recently. Except Taiwan Kyudo Association, there are seven student clubs (six in university and one in high school), one club, one sport center, and two Kyudo Dojo, which locate in Taipei and New Taipei City, dedicating to the development of Kyudo in Taiwan.

Date of Establishment January 17, 2009
President Name Tan Sian-Hua
Secretary Name Yu Hsin
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Renshi】5 Dan : 1
5 Dan : 4     4 Dan : 4     3 Dan : 16     2 Dan : 24     Sho Dan : 67
Ungraded : 224
Total : 340
Office Address 1F., No.10, Ln. 125, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel/Fax +886 915 329 907
E-mail taiwan.kyudo@gmail.com
Web Site https://www.facebook.com/pg/TaiwanKyudoAssociation/posts/
Main Practice Place(s) Cangyue Kyudojo:1F., No.133, Sec. 3, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Activities to promote Kyudo

Kyudo Class

There are 2 courses given to the beginners and advanced learners.

■Course for Beginners

6 weeks a session. No more than 20 persons in 1 class. It will take 2 sessions for every level. Class will be divided into 3 groups according to the learning condition
Novice: Need to be familiar with the movement of syahouhassetsu and the name of actions.
Makiwara: Acquire the physical strength to perform the shooting, and roughly know the process of Shinsa. Manitain sanzyuzyuumonzi and correct yatsuka.
Mato: Acquire the knowledge of complete details of Shinsa with two arrows, and keep advancing the techniques.

■Course for Advanced Learners
New course opened this year. The teaching method follows the international seminar. This course aims to help students to keep good shooting form in case bad shooting habit is developed.

Experience activities

In order to make it easier for public to understand Kyudo, TKA holds the experience activities monthly since October 2017. Only 15 people can participate the monthly activity. Through the brief introduction of Kyudo, participants will understand its history and experience the process of everyday practice. Under the instruction of experienced lecturers, participants can perform one shooting in the activity.


In order to let shooters improve their skills, contests are regularly conducted every month.
■Monthly Contest: Regularly conducted every month.
■Selection Match: For the 3rd World Taikai, TKA has selected the representatives. There were 3 national primary selections in June, July and August, where the top 12 contestants were selected. And in September, the final game was held. 4 contestants were selected.

Sharing session

From time to time, TKA invites some members to share their insights and experiences of international seminars.
Sharing Session of Mr. Hung
Saring Session of International Seminar in New Zealand


Syakai is held for special occasion, in order to establish strong connection between members.
■Farewell Syakai to Mr. Ushihara: Mr. Ushihara was Japanese lecturer in TKA. He returned to Japan last year because of his work. Before his leaving, TKA had held a farewell syakai to thank him for his efforts and devotion.
■Promotion of Renshi: Weng Meng-Ching had acquired “Renshi” title in the International seminar in New Zealand, and had become the first person with Kyudo title in Taiwan. In honor of her outstanding achievement, Syakai had been held for celebration.
■October 10th Hyakusyakai: October 10th is Taiwan’s National Day.10 times of 10 equals to 100 arrows. TKA holds this event every year.
■Christmas Syakai: For the happiness of membership, TKA held the Syakai to celebrate the Festival.
■New Year Syakai: It has always been our classic event every year, attracting audience to celebrate with the shooters. Besides the regular competitions, this year (2018) TKA had planned experience activities open to public, which let the unexperienced participants have the taste of Japanese Kyudo on the first day of 2018.

Propaganda Lecture

Invited by Meiho University, TKA had sent out 2 lecturers and 1 volunteer to Ping Dong County. Through the form of lecture, association has been hoping this event will become opportunity of development is Southern Taiwan..

Social Media

The official facebook page have been sharing the course information regularly. It is now becoming Kyudo webpage in Taiwan with the most highest click through rate.

Live Stream

Since 2017, the TKA had used live streaming for the first time in order to broadcast national competitions. Having broadcasted the Selection Competitions for the World Kyudo Taikai and National Students Competitions, the TKA has acquired a lot of experience of live stream.

Official Organization

Association had invited Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Ms. Mitsunoe to New Year Syakai to give a speech and to experience the shooting. TKA hopes after the favorable communication, it will bring benefit to the development of Kyudo in Taiwan.

NHK Interview

Introduced by Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Ms. Mitsunoe, NHK reporter Ms. Takada came to interview people and made a report regarding Kyudo in Taiwan. The News was available by the afternoon of same day, and the report clip can be watched on TV in Japan.


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