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Osterreichischer Kyudo-Verband

Kyudo in Austria started in the fall of 1986, when Diethard Leopold returned from Miyazaki / Kyushu, as a 3-Dan. He founded the first ”Seishin Kyudo-Club” in Austria February 27th, 1987. Members were shomen and later also shamen, mainly taught by Feliks Hoff, Germany. As the number of clubs increased, the Austrian Kyudo Federation was founded May 7th, 1995. Today there are six Kyudo clubs in Austria in the cities of Vienna, Linz, Graz and Salzburg.

Date of Establishment May 7th, 1995
President Name LEOPOLD Diethard, Kyoshi 6Dan
Secretary Name TUCEK Christian, 1-Dan
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Kyoshi】6 Dan : 1
5 Dan : 1     4 Dan : 2     3 Dan : 7     2 Dan : 13     Sho Dan : 16
Ungraded : 38
Total : 78
Office Address Diethard Leopold, Kalksburgerstr. 21, A-1230 Wien / AUSTRIA
Tel/Fax 0043 650 7909 139
E-mail dietpold@gmail.com
Web Site http://kyudoverband.at/
Main Practice Place(s) Wienerberg-Kyudojo, Eibesbrunnergasse 13, A-1100 Wien, AUSTRIA (site-map see www.kyudo-vienna.net)
Activities to promote Kyudo 1.Regular weekly training times of six clubs: Seishin Kyudoclub Vienna, Momiji-kai Vienna, Yagoro Vienna, Stahlstadt-Dojo Linz, Sankai-Dojo Graz, Music University Mozarteum Salzburg
2.Annual Open Austrian Championship
3.International Workshops (with members from Germany, Poland, Czech, Croatia, Slovenja, Hungary, Romania and UK)

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