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Icelandic Kyudo Association

The Icelandic Kyudo Association was formally established in 1982. Since that time the Association has been active in developing Kyudo in Iceland. Iceland being a small country, the number of active members is of course limited but there has been constant development in the progress of our practising members. Iceland has regularly sent members to Seminars of the European Kyudo Federation and the highest grades members have travelled to Japan to attend Seminars, Taikai and examinations held by the All Japan Kyudo Federation. As concerns activities of the Icelandic Kyudo Federation in Iceland, Seminars are held on a regular basis, both for beginners and advanced practitioners. The practise takes place in a gymnasium in Reykjavik and in a private Dojo in the outskirts of Reykjavik. Concerning the future development of Kyudo in Iceland we are optimistic.

Date of Establishment 16 January, 1982
President Name Tryggvi Sigurdsson
Secretary Name Elsa Gudmundsdottir
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
【Kyoshi】 7 Dan : 1
4 Dan : 2    3 Dan : 1    2 Dan : 2    Sho Dan : 2
Ungraded : 7
Total : 15
Office Address Laugateigur 35, 105 Reykjavik.
Tel/Fax Tel:354-5533431/Fax:354-8918270
E-mail tsig@mmedia.is
Web Site -
Main Practice Place(s) Reykjavik: Kyudojo
Reykjavik: Sports hall
Activites to promote kyudo Seminars for beginners and advanced practitioners

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