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Zen Luxembourg Kyudo Renmei

The federation of all Luxembourg Kyudo was established in 1999.
I instruct us with a lesson of the Kyudo in accord with a standard of the federation of all-Japan Kyudo in Luxembourg.
I practice it regularly in Mitsugawa Kyudojo in Mersch.
The federation of all Luxembourg Kyudo holds a seminar and the seminar of the international level that a member can participate in every year.
Because the federation of all Luxembourg Kyudo diffuses Kyudo in Luxembourg, I perform an announcement of the Kyudo, the participation in Japanese culture event.
In addition, to a national newspaper and a local paper, I perform the publication of the article about the Kyudo.
The federation of all Luxembourg Kyudo cooperates with federation of all Kyudo in Belgium now and, I act to hold an event of the Kyudo of Europe in the future in Luxembourg.

Date of Foundation 1999
President Name Ralph Schroeder
Secretary Name Adrien Promme
Dan Numbers 5 Dan:1     4 Dan:2     3 Dan:1     2 Dan:2     
Sho Dan:1     
Office Address 11, Rue Irbicht, L-7590 Beringen, Luxembourg
Tel/Fax +35226321399
E-mail president@kyudo.lu
Web Site www.kyudo.lu
Main Practice Place(s) Cecile Ries GYM, Rue de la Piscine, Mersch
ECG GYM, Rue Margerite de Brabant, Luxembourg
Activities to promote Kyudo Organisation of seminars
Participation in promotional events

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