Seminar Report

「The Third Asia-Oceania Seminar」

Dates:April 10 ? April 18, 2014
Venue:Nihon Gaishi Sports Plaza Kyudojo (Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)
Sponsor:International Kyudo Federation / Co-sponsor: All Nippon Kyudo Federation


挨拶 / Opening Greeting

国際弓道連盟  会長  石川  武夫

International Kyudo Federation  Takeo Ishikawa, President





I would to like to take this opportunity during the opening of the 3rd Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar to give my opening greetings to everyone. Today as we hold this 3rd seminar, a continuation from last year, I am truly pleased to see as hosts of this event that there are more participants attending this year.

Ever since the establishment of the IKYF, the increase of passionate practitioners in the Asia Oceania Region has attracted great focus. Thanks to the efforts of many involved, we have been able to continue this seminar for the Asia Oceania Region and take a step further in the promotion and development of Kyudo internationally. As the number of participants continue to grow, the “wishes” and “dreams” that this seminar becomes an event that cannot be without is something that I who is also trying to aspire in Kyudo cannot hold back this sense of excitement.

The 2nd World Taikai to be held in July of this year is steadily approaching. Not limited to just those from Europe or the US, we also look forward to your participation of this seminar. When I think about the coming together of passionate Kyudo practitioners from various countries around the world to improve one’s skills through each other and to make exchanges, my heart is filled with anticipation. I am very sympathetic to the many difficulties Kyudo activities encounter overseas but amongst that to see the sincerity of your perseverance to train is something that we could all learn from. I hope that your passion does not fade as you continue forward in the path of Kyudo.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the members of the Aichi Prefecture Kyudo Federation for their huge support in helping with the hosting of this seminar and again to use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for your participation. Thank you very much.