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International Kyudo Federation 10th Anniversary


Sponsor : International Kyudo Federation (IKYF)
Co-sponsor : All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF)
Supervisor : Kyudo Renmei Netherland
Support : European Kyudo Federation (EKF)
Period : Tuesday, July 26, 2016 to Sunday, August 7, 2016
Venue : Sporthal Zuid Amsterdam(Burgerweeshuispad 54, 1076 EP, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


The International Kyudo Federation which was established under the motto “The way of the bow unites us in the spirit of true peace and harmony” has this year celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this memorable occasion, the European Seminar 2016 was held in the city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

This was attended by 503 participants in total: 110 at the A seminar (Yondan to Nanadan), 198 at the B seminar (Nidan and Sandan), and 195 at the C seminar (Mudan and Shodan).

Four Shajo were set up, one per instructor. The participants were divided over three Shajo during the A seminar (with around 30 participants per Shajo) and over four Shajo during the B and C seminars (with around 50 participants per Shajo). Each instructor was in charge of the same group throughout the three days of each seminar.

Chief Instructor Takeo Ishikawa greeted the seminars with these words: “While being aware of our responsibility to pass on ‘authentic Japanese Kyudo’, let’s not forget the joy of learning Kyudo, let’s put all our heart in every shot and work up a happy sweat together.” Held over a period of 16 days, the seminars and special examinations went very smoothly.

On the first day of each seminar, the Raiki-Shagi and Shahō-Kun were recited in unison under the leadership of a designated participant and an explanation of their meaning was given.

In all the seminars, a great emphasis was placed on demonstrations and Mitorigeiko. On the first day, Yawatashi was followed by feedback on the performance of the Kaizoe, who had been selected from the participants. On the second and third days, special demonstrations (Sharei and shooting in Shinsa no Maai) were performed in each Shajo by designated participants and feedback was then given.

The A seminar, which the European instructors were attending, included lectures on teaching Kyudo along with instruction on Taihai, Tasukisabaki and Hadanugi/Hadaire-Dōsa. Furthermore, there was teaching practice where the participants were required to teach each other as part of shooting instruction. In the B and C seminars, great importance was attached to Kihontai (the fundamental form) including entering and exiting the Shajo, and shooting instruction focused on Kihon Taikei (the basic body form). Lectures were given on Shahō-Shagi no Kihon (the fundamental of shooting principle and shooting skill) and the handling of Kyudo equipment.


Looking Back

As the instructors were in charge of one specific group of Dan or Shogo holders instead of teaching all the participants this year, it is hoped that their teaching was more easily assimilated.

Looking back on this seminar, there was a large number of Mudan (118) and low-rank participants (Shodan: 77, Nidan: 103), but basic Taihai was properly demonstrated, showing evidence of good teaching in every country.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Kyudo Renmei Nederland and the European Kyudo Federation for their cooperation and hard work from the setting up to the dismantling of the dojo. This allowed a long succession of seminars to end without any accidents and to be very fruitful. On behalf of the instructors, I express my warmest gratitude.


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Seminar Report

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