The Second World Kyudo Taikai (Paris) 2014

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Izuru Kato
Director of the International Kyudo Federation (President of the Executive Committee)

Looking back on the Second World Taikai
Izuru Kato

Director of the International Kyudo Federation (President of the Executive Committee)

The Second International Kyudo Taikai was held overseas for the first time, in Paris. Although seminars and examinations are conducted every year in Europe, this is the first time a Taikai of this scale has been held outside Japan.
The first Taikai-organized two years ago as a trial-had only just finished when the meticulous preparations began for this year’s event. The floor of the C.R.O.U.S. Sport Center where the competition would take place was entirely refinished and sanded. I was told that the floor had been prepared especially for this Taikai. The French Federation, who were in charge of the organization, carefully followed all the advice that I and the Taikai Director had given them and prepared everything very beautifully. The result was so excellent that I can easily imagine the tremendous effort and the amount of time that must have gone into to it.
The result of the competition was a clear victory for Japan who came first in two categories out of three in the individual event and first in the team tournament. Nevertheless, the other teams performed well and Japan’s victory was by no means easy. The first round of the finals was especially tight with a three-times izume contest in which Japanese team might have lost at any moment.
The members of Japanese team must have felt a lot of pressure but I am convinced that what supported their spirit during this contest was the confidence they had built up during their victories in the regional tournaments as well as all the friends they had competed with in the national selections. I hope next time the national selections will be held with even more enthusiasm.

I would like to tell you a little anecdote that happened on the first day while lots were being drawn for the finals of the team tournament. President Ishikawa pretended to sit down on the Japanese team’s empty seat; the audience, the staff members and the competitors began to roar with laughter and to applaud. All the tension that had built up instantly turned into joyfulness, creating a feeling of harmony among everyone gathered in the hall. At this very moment, I knew the Takai was a success.

As the finals of the team contest began, on the second day of the Taikai, I witnessed an event that signaled a clear change in the atmosphere of the event. At first, the members of each team exchanged the greeting “Onegaishimasu” with each other but very soon the competitors started, quite spontaneously, to give the same greeting to the opposing team as well. I was watching from the side and found this a very touching moment.
The terraces, as silent as the grave at the beginning of the day, grew livelier as the competition progressed, applauding more often and finally bubbling with excitement. I was glad to see that the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the audience was growing more and more. The moment Japan won the team competition I was congratulated by many staff members of the French Federation. This attitude of the French people, applauding the winning opponent, showed the clear spirit of Budo.
I hope more countries will participate in the next World Kyudo Taikai so that its scale will be large enough to allow sixteen teams, twice as many as in the past, to be selected for the finals.
The Third World Taikai will take place in four years time in Japan. I urge everyone to come and participate in the national selections so we can enter many more competitors!
Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the French Federation members who worked day and night to make all the preparations, to the European Kyudo Federation members for their excellent cooperation, to the Mairie de Paris for her support and to the officials of the Japanese Embassy in France.

(Hanshi Hachidan)


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